Team management

Effective management of your human resources

Manage the individual or collective activities of your employees, and efficiently organize the work within your teams.

Skills management – Skills management of employees and partners, historization of professional experience and diplomas. The application allows your candidates, your consultants and your partners to enter their skills file themselves by means of a link that you send them. A CV generator in your company colors allows you to send an employee’s up-to-date CV to your customers with one click.

Expense reports – No more paper transmissions at the end of the month. Your employees will no longer be late in providing you with their expense reports and supporting documents. The tool integrates support for digitized receipts, automatic management of reimbursement rates for mileage expenses and an expense report validation process.

Timesheets – Each consultant fills out their monthly timesheet very quickly. The projects to which he is posted appear in his timesheet form of the month. All he has to do is select a project and click on the schedule of days worked on this project.

Leave management – Each employee views their balance of days off. He declares his days by clicking on a schedule. The tool allows you to manage all the types of absence you want (paid vacation, RTT, sick leave, etc.). Requests are submitted to the manager for approval through a validation process built into the tool.