Customer relationship management

The heart of collaborative management of your relationships

It is here, at the heart of the relationship management system, that each employee of the company will find all the data allowing him to carry out his mission with the best possible knowledge of the company with which he is in relation and of his interlocutor in particular. By accessing his contact file, he will be able to view all the useful information and easily find the one he is looking for:

Structured contact data: addresses and other professional and personal information, various telephone numbers (automatically dialable using IP telephony), multiple email addresses, line manager, specific categorization information, photo, free notes, etc.

Structured data on its parent company: its subsidiaries, the group’s organization chart, the employees of each subsidiary, their reporting relationships. Exchanged emails of which he is the author, the recipient or on which he is copied or that we have specifically associated with this contact because he is concerned or cited in these messages.

History of events: appointments, tasks to be done and completed, action reports, emailings sent, specific notes taken after communications. Documents recorded manually in the form, for example paper documents received by post and scanned to be more easily accessible by all.

Documents from commercial management: quotes, orders, invoices, etc. which are automatically archived in the file. Operations (processes managed by the company) in which he plays a central role, for example a business opportunity for which he is the decision-maker or an after-sales service operation for which he is the requester.