Procurement management

Manage your suppliers and control your costs

The heart of your purchases

This is where all your purchasing operations on Oryanoo CRM are centralized. By creating a purchase order, you launch a complete automated process in which you follow every step, whether it is the delivery of your orders, the entry into stock, or the recording of the supplier invoice.

Supplier catalog: The supplier catalog is at the heart of your purchasing management. It contains all the items from your suppliers, as well as all the purchasing data (supplier reference, purchase price, currency, etc.). It also serves as the basis for supplier purchase orders.

Supplier purchase orders: Create your supplier purchase orders from predefined templates. The supplier’s contact details as well as the item data are retrieved automatically. Once completed, the purchase order can be sent to the supplier in an automated and archived email. Purchase orders can also be used to generate and track deliveries and supplier invoices within a grouped affair.

Supplier delivery notes: Supplier delivery notes can be generated automatically from supplier purchase orders. In the event of partial delivery of an order, it is possible to generate as many delivery slips as necessary until the order is fully delivered. Upon receipt of your delivery, the items received are automatically entered into the stock of your choice.

Supplier invoices: Supplier invoices can be generated automatically from supplier purchase orders. You can save the invoice sent by your supplier (once scanned), and save the payment at any time. In the event of multiple payment for the same supplier invoice, or payment corresponding to several supplier invoices, you have the option of matching each of your invoices to make them correspond to the payments.