CRM pricing

You benefit from all the functions for 30 € HT / user / month

The service is available by simple subscription, immediately, with no commissioning fees, minimum commitment period or termination fees. It includes phone support.

The resulting benefits are:

  • Cost reduction,
  • Control of expenditure,
  • Better data protection,
  • Greater agility and flexibility,
  • Technical constraints transferred to the service provider.

You are not asked for any time commitment or entry or termination fees and your subscription can be modified at any time to better suit your activity.

When you take out your subscription, your data entered during the test period is kept.

  • No subscription fees,
  • No cancellation fees,
  • Subscription cancellable from one month to the next, configured by the administrator.

Each Intranet user account provides 20GB of storage capacity for your entire CRM.
For example, if your Organization has 3 Intranet user accounts, you have 60 GB of storage space as standard.

Intranet user account

30.00 € tax excl. /month /Intranet user account

It forms the basis of your subscription to Oryanoo CRM. Intranet user accounts are generally the employees of the company.

Each Intranet user account has access to all the available modules (the exact profile of each user is configured by the administrator).

Each Intranet user account provides 20 GB of storage capacity for your entire CRM. For example, if your Organization has 3 Intranet user accounts, you have 60 GB of storage space as standard.

Extranet user account

1,00 € tax excl. /month
/Extranet user account

These accounts have access to the shared files module. It is the ideal account for exchanging data with a customer or supplier. Unlike Intranet users, this type of account does not add storage capacity to the organization.

Additional data storage

1,50€ tax excl. /month/Go

Each Intranet user account adds 20 GB of storage capacity to your overall storage capacity. Beyond that, the additional storage volume is billed in increments of 1 GB.

Email marketing

0,012€ tax excl. /recipient

This service is only billed for the months you use it. It concerns volume shipments via the “Emailing” or “Online survey” application in the mode where it is administered by email. Not to be confused with the use of email which is unlimited and included in the basic package.

SMS sending

0,104€ tax excl. /SMS

Hosting of your Email domain, antispam included

11,00€ tax excl. /month /domain

The subscription is made directly in your trial CRM via the menu “My account> My Oryanoo subscription”.

Included services

  • Unlimited telephone support for Intranet user accounts
  • Assistance to Intranet user accounts by remote control
  • Management of requests by ticket system
  • Data backup with 30 day history
  • Unlimited number of cases
  • Unlimited number of companies
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Minimum subscription period: 1 month

Optional services

  • Migration benefit 1000 € tax excl. / day
    Oryanoo takes charge of all the data migration issues, structuring the databases to receive them, creating users, assigning their rights and customizing their themes.
  • On-site training 1200 € tax excl. / day excluding fees
  • Specific developments 1000 € tax excl. / day