Marketing and communication

Emailing and online survey

Instantly distribute your press releases and newsletters with the Oryanoo CRM Emailing application

Oryanoo CRM’s Emailing application allows you to send a message to a large number of recipients, by email or SMS. It is coupled with the contact base. Using the query tool, you precisely select the profile of the recipients of your communication. Using the message editor, you write the text of your Emailing. All you have to do is request the message to be sent by choosing the Email or SMS option. Before your first Emailing operation, you can initialize your contact database using the import tool.

An essential element in building customer loyalty, the Oryanoo CRM online survey allows you to manage automatic forms.

It is the ideal tool to achieve:

  • Opinion surveys
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Automatic registrations
  • Prospecting operations
  • Knowledge tests

Sent by e-mailing or installed on your website, Oryanoo Quest allows you a real regular dialogue with respondents who are eager to express themselves on subjects that concern them, but also to receive feedback on their contribution. You can interview large audiences and gain both quantitative and qualitative insight into the responses. Very simple operation:

  • Step 1: The respondent receives a solicitation email from you.
  • Step 2: He accesses the questionnaire by clicking on the link inserted in the message.
  • Step 3: He answers the proposed questionnaire.
  • Step 4: And some time later receives a summary of the results, information on the follow-up to be given and, if necessary, a new questionnaire.