Gestion de stock multi-entrep├┤ts d'Oryanoo CRM


Organize your warehouses and manage your flows

Complete management of your stocks

Oryanoo CRM’s inventory management function ensures rigorous and fluid organization. Whether it is inventory entry or exit, Oryanoo CRM automatically records movements, directly linked to your purchases and sales.

Multi-warehouses: Oryanoo CRM allows you to create as many warehouses as necessary in the database, taking into account their name, address and currency.

Interfacing with sales management: For each of your orders, purchase or sale, choose the warehouse associated with them. Oryanoo CRM then automatically carries out the entries and exits of stock.

  • Multi-warehouses
  • Multi-currency
  • CMUP valuation (Real stock and forward stock; Minimum stock and maximum stock)
  • Inter-stock transfers