Email and personal organization

Exchange and communicate effectively

Oryanoo’s Webmail associated with shared calendars, to-do’s and the contact database constitute the hard core of your daily communication and organization. The objective of their design was to present you, in a user-friendly way, only relevant information, private or shared for some, so as to maximize your personal and team effectiveness.

Email: With Oryanoo CRM Webmail, facilitate the management of exchanges with your contacts. Tracking functions for sent emails, standard emails, or even file creation allow you to better control your sending and receiving messages.

Shared Calendar: Oryanoo CRM’s calendar allows you to follow your own tasks and appointments, and share them with your collaborators or clients. Interact directly with your employees’ calendars to assign them tasks or invite them to meetings.

Contacts: All emails and all calendar data are automatically logged in the contact files and companies concerned. Sort and find the information shared with your contacts at any time.

With the calendar application: You can access your calendar as well as that of your team members from anywhere. Interfaced with Oryanoo CRM, the diary becomes the essential tool for call centers and telesecretariat companies. Accessing the agenda from your correspondent’s contact card speeds up the entry of information when making an appointment.