Offer professional support to your internal or external customers

Oryanoo CRM integrates a support and incident management solution.

Support, after-sales service, hotline, improve the handling of incidents and questions submitted to your agents.

Your customer’s requests are centralized in the HelpDesk and all the exchanges relating to a request are recorded in a ticket.

You will find the history of the request, the documents exchanged and even the archived telephone conversations (if you opt for our telephony solution integrated into the CRM).

In addition, the history of your customer records includes all of your relationships: tickets, email, appointments, tasks to be done, business proposals, invoices, etc.

Tickets are organized by domain and by section. They are classified by status (New, In process, Awaiting customer response, Closed, etc.) and by priority.

Each agent only accesses tickets relating to their area of expertise. The time spent on each ticket is recorded in the system allowing you to output statistics by domain, section, agent, etc.

When the ticket is closed, a knowledge database is fed with a summary of the question and the proposed solution.

Oryanoo CRM offers WordPress, Drupal or specific modules allowing you to install the client part on your website.