Efficient management of your financial operations

Follow-up of payments, follow-up of salaries, bank accounts… Organize the financial management of your activity with ease with Oryanoo CRM.

Customer invoice tracking: View your customers’ invoices, and record their payments. You have the option of selecting multiple invoices in order to match them with a payment. Conversely, you can also record multiple payments for an invoice. Overdue invoices are automatically grouped by customer, which allows you to simply reissue them.

Salary Tracking: Easily enter salaries. Mark them when they are counted, then track salaries, grouped by month or quarter.

Bank accounts: Register your bank accounts in Oryanoo CRM. Fill in the name, account number, address and starting balance. Then manage your bank accounts by tracking receipts and disbursements.

Receipts and disbursements: Record payments from your customers in your bank accounts, and perform matching by associating the payments with the corresponding invoices.

For disbursements, record your payments in the same way, and associate them with your supplier invoices. The payment methods are configurable.