Business management

Advanced management of your business operations

Using Oryanoo CRM’s commercial management functions, organize your articles, formulate your commercial offers, and monitor your sales. Fully configurable, these functions allow considerable time and productivity savings.

Quotes: Quotes can be made from predefined standard quotes and the product catalog. The quote models specify the supplier information (your different entities), the language used, the currency and the layout. Quotes can be sent to your customers by automatic email and are archived in the CRM.

Customer invoices: They can be generated automatically by quotes, orders, delivery notes and timesheets. If you have multiple legal entities, the invoicing application allows you to have one invoice numbering plan per entity. Sales invoices can be exported into your accounting software.

Order confirmations: When a quote is accepted by your customer, you can automatically generate an order confirmation.

Product catalog: Your product catalog is at the heart of commercial management. It contains all of your items and is used by other applications (quotes, invoices, etc.). Manage, filter and simply sort your articles using numerous criteria (price, composition, suppliers, etc.).

Price lists: The price lists will allow you to create prices in the different currencies in which you operate. It is also the possibility of having General public and Reseller tariffs for example. In addition, you can set an automatic discount policy based on volume and a specific price for a given customer.

Multi-warehouse inventory management: If your business sells equipment, this module will be an essential complement to quotes, orders, delivery notes and invoices applications. When you make a quote, you instantly have available stock for each item. When you generate the delivery note, the items are automatically removed from stock.